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foreflow, by InnoSource Data Solutions Group, is a complete Small Business Enterprise data platform that offers small to medium-sized organizations and departments data warehouse and data lake capabilities. It is also a platform for end-user data entry, data collection, and master data management. foreflow includes data provisioning features, data sharing support for popular BI tools, and online reporting and report-distribution capabilities.

Collect, Store, Manage, Move, Share, and Use your data in one inexpensive platform. Perfect for:

  • Data Warehouse, Data Mart: A cost-effective, mid-sized data-warehouse or data store for storing and managing data from other systems, users, and the cloud. Deployable in the cloud, on-premise or have us host it for you. No, IT skills or personnel required, but a great solution for IT groups too.
  • Data Management: Create and run ETL/ELT jobs to collect and manage data from virtually any system or source.
  • User Data Entry: A secure data entry platform to store user data and allow users to create and edit their own data tables, data sets, and data views. A great enhancement of spreadsheets and files for most users.
  • Master Data Management: An MDM platform that allows for the integration of reference data with data from production databases and other external data sources.
  • BI & Reporting Data Source: A data platform for reporting and analysis using such tools as Microsoft Power BI, Qlik, Tableau, and others. foreflow also provides an online reporting and report distribution platform using built-in reporting capabilities.
  • Advanced Analytics Data Platform: A data store for preparing, cleansing, and storing data for machine learning and predictive analysis.


A platform engineered for small to mid-sized businesses and departments, foreflow allows you to collect and store data from end-users, external systems, web resources, and other data sources. It allows your users to create and edit data in user-defined tables, run reports, access customized views of data, and feed other systems. The foreflow platform includes security and administration features that make it easy to create tables, secure data, and process data to and from other systems. It also includes built-in reporting and report-distribution capabilities. Best of all it is inexpensive and deployable anywhere.


  • Create tables quickly and easily for storing data
  • Upload spreadsheets to populate and update tables
  • Edit data online from any web browser
  • Search, group, sort, filter, and export data
  • Run online reports or schedule reports for distribution
  • Receive and integrate data files from Emails
  • Combine data across tables/spreadsheets
  • Track and audit user edits to table data
  • Integrate data from other systems with user data
  • Leverage user data for reporting and analysis in popular BI tools
  • Schedule data updates and feeds, and collect or send data out on an automated basis
  • Create and store Master and Reference data
  • Deploy in the Cloud or On-Premise
  • Save Time and Money

A Streamlined Data Entry Experience
Utilizing database technology, users can upload spreadsheet data and input and edit data from their browsers. They can also download selected, sorted data to Excel, all without technical skills or IT assistance. It allows users to edit and export their data online from anywhere using a web browser

‚ÄčTrust & Security
Foreflow keeps track of user edits – which increases trust in the data. As users access and edit data, their changes are tracked at the row and column level with old and new values. A built-in security feature limits access to tables and Data Sets based on the roles you create.

Users can create custom Data Sets that combine and transform data from multiple tables. Data Sets can be exported and made available to external systems.

App Integration
Data Sets and Tables stored in foreflow can be accessed from third party systems for reporting, dashboards, analytics, and more. This access can be via the foreflow REST API or directly from the database.

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