Data Management Assistance


Collecting, organizing and provisioning your data so you can understand and share it is a key requirement. Our team can help with data warehouse and data lake design as well as the development of processes and rules to populate them from your source systems. We have worked with many data management platforms from leaders such as Microsoft, Talend, Qlik and others.

  • ETL/ELT Process Development, Deployment & Support: Developing and supporting Extract-Transform-Load and Extract-Load-Transform processes require special skill and a background in both programming and data management. Our team has extensive experience in developing and supporting such solutions.
  • Data Modeling & Data Mart/DW Design: Data modeling skills are often overlooked in the rush to deploy a data mart, data warehouse or data lake resulting in many problems and challenges down the road. Our team has extensive experience in modeling normalized and dimensional data models.
  • Data Conversion & Cleansing: Upgrading and modernizing your systems usually means data not only has to be moved from one system to another but also converted. Data can be messy, sometimes you need to have data values, missing data and other data quality issues addressed. We can help get your data converted and cleaned up.
  • Managed Services – Platform Support: We can help manage your data and analytics environments. Our managed services offer infrastructure management of cloud-hosted data and BI server environments. If you don’t have the staff to manage these environments, we can help.
  • API & Connectivity: Many modern platforms expose data through Web-based APIs. Our is experienced in learning and leveraging APIs and other data connectivity methods to get your data out of those systems it can be integrated with other data and used for reporting, analysis, visualization, and sharing. We also have experience with designing and developing custom APIs.
  • Best Practices and Advisory Services: Need a plan and an approach? We can help. We have decades of experience planning and architecting data management solutions.

Technology Expertise

  • Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • Microsoft SQL Azure Data Factory
  • Talend ETL
  • Qlik Data Catalyst
  • Qlik Data Integration (QDI, formally Qlik Attunity)
  • Qlik Data Load Scripting and Qlik Data Architecture (QVD)
  • Custom ETL/ELT Components/Solutions (programming in DOT NET, PHP and other languages)

Data Solution Services