Support policy is subject to change

Foreflow subscriptions include foreflow software support. Support requests may be submitted via a support email address ( These emails should indicate that the customer is a foreflow customer and the nature and severity of the problem. Customers who allow subscriptions to lapse are not eligible for support and there are no warranties associated with support services.

Foreflow support covers defects and issues with the foreflow software platform. It also covers general problems with the licensing and running of foreflow to ensure new customers can gain and maintain access to the foreflow software.

In most scenarios, support also includes support of the foreflow underlying technology base, including the database software, web server software, and software libraries and runtimes as they pertain to foreflow only. Support of these underlying technologies is included only when the customer agrees not to directly use or change these technologies and understands that InnoSource, Inc. will maintain administrative control of them. Such items are typically acquired and installed as part of a foreflow implementation by InnoSource, Inc. but covered under separate licenses from their providers.

Foreflow support does not include support of the customer’s server hardware, virtual machines, networks, cloud environments, or other infrastructure items. Support of those items may occur as part of a InnoSource, Inc. Managed Services Agreement which may be added to a foreflow subscription purchase and include things like estimated hosting costs for private cloud implementations.

When and How is foreflow Support Available?

Foreflow support is offered during regular business hours (8:00AM to 5PM EST/EDT, excluding company holidays). Support requests must be submitted via email to the InnoSource, Inc. support email address (above) with the following information:

  • Submitters Name, Email Address, and Phone Number
  • Indicate that this is foreflow support request and a short description of the problem in the subject line. Example: foreflow issue: got a 404 error trying to view a table.
  • Indicate the severity, Examples: o Critical: can’t use foreflow;
    • Medium: can use system, but problems are slowing work
    • Low: can use system, but something needs to be corrected

What’s Is Included with foreflow Maintenance & Support?

  • Defect repair, bug fixes for foreflow software
  • Periodic Hot Fixes (bug fixes) and Security Patches for foreflow software and associated libraries
  • Recommended work arounds until patches or updates can be applied
  • Periodic updates to foreflow software modules that add both fixes and features (typically, one per year)
  • Periodic updates to associated underlying software libraries and platforms (providing that they are dedicated to foreflow use only).
  • Platform questions not related to training new users.
  • General review of issues or problems to determine if they are covered under support.

What’s Not Included with foreflow Maintenance & Support?

  • Consulting, Implementation and other Professional Services Content setup, Administration or System Management (e.g., setup of users, API, etc.)
  • Content Creation and Content Management – creation and administration of tables, reports, data sets or similar item are end-user and administrator functions and not included in support.
  • Custom Features, Reports, ETL Processes, or similar Content Development
  • Data work unrelated to platform support (e.g., data remediation, data updates, data design, etc. are not included for your tables or other user data structures inside or outside the platform)
  • Server hardware or virtual machine support (can be acquired as a managed services agreement)
  • Server hosting (we can include hosting services in the cloud for additional cost).
  • Training and Mentoring
  • Any issues, problems or needs not directly related to the supported and designed use of the foreflow software platform.

InnoSource, Inc. wants every foreflow customer to have a successful, positive, and valuable outcome using our platform. While we can’t include things outside of the base platform support, we will make every effort to guide you in the right direction and help you find the right fit for additional services and help.