Passion in the Workplace Helps us Thrive

Nov 12, 2022

By InnoSource Team

If you ever walk through the halls of our InnoSource headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, it’s not all that uncommon to hear a large collection of cheers.

Just recently, we held a team meeting and one of our sales reps shared that they had just signed a new client deal allowing us to serve as the main staffing agency for a large company. The whole group erupted in applause. Many rose to their feet with their arms held high. Our CEO Chad Delligatti was in the corner pumping his fists. If you’ve met Chad, I am certain this is something you can picture.

As an industry-leading staffing agency, we’re fortunate to regularly welcome new clients at varying scales (credit to our great teams). This is just the passion we exude for what we do, all the time. Putting Passion to Work is our company motto after all.

At InnoSource, we believe that beyond knowledge and experience, passion is one of the main traits needed to achieve success in any industry — and let me tell you, we have passion and plenty of it.

As a staffing agency, we truly believe that we are changing lives. We work to connect people to rewarding careers and we help companies find top-notch talent. Our work makes lives better, which is something that’s easy to get behind.

Our teams are ultimately judged on our ability to fit the right people in the right roles. When starting our work with our clients, we dive in deep to learn every aspect of their staffing needs. We sit side by side with their employees to fully understand, beyond the specific skill sets needed for the open positions, their culture, their values and what personalities might mesh within their organization.

Serving as a staffing partner is not simply pushing resumes across a table to fill vacant roles. It takes a lot more to get the job done right. We’re passionate about our process because when we help a company or an individual find a great match, we know we’re helping both sides thrive.

One of the challenges many workplaces are facing is understanding Gen Z, the generation born between 1997-2012, which is entering the workforce. Studies show Gen Zers are spending on average two years at a job before hopping to a new opportunity. This trend is proving quite costly and detrimental to employers. It’s always been our aim to help companies and people find long-term fits. So, while the staffing industry is ever evolving, our teams remain nimble, learning more and more about the modern worker, their current needs, values and desires.

For an individual to stay at a job, it’s not always about their pay scale or job title. What many companies aren’t doing is recognizing the passions of their employees. We know so many Gen Zers who want to make a difference, not only in their own communities, but in society. Gen Zers want to make an impact, so tapping into their passions gives them a purpose on the job. If we can help companies serve those passions, we know we’ve helped find the right fit.

There have been times where clients have asked me tongue-in-cheek, “What’s with you guys? Everyone is so outgoing, friendly and high-energy.” I just tell them we sincerely love what we do. The way we see it, we’re making lives better, and we find people who want to do the same. We tap into passion and that makes life at work so much more fulfilling. And at InnoSource, we believe that is something to cheer about.