On-Site Outsourcing

Through our outsourcing services, we help companies manage teams on-site or off-site. We handle the day to day operations, managing customer service teams and others, as an extension of our clients’ management and human resources operations.

Our Approach

We provide on- and off-site management for Fortune 500 companies, handling the day-to-day of their customer-care teams’ operations to ensure excellent and responsive customer service, regardless of a team’s work location — we manage and support remote, hybrid and in-person teams. Our outsourcing work helps our partner companies meet and exceed their customer service goals.

But our outsourcing work benefits employees, too, in a way that no other staffing agency can: When you team up with InnoSource to find your next position and join one of our teams, you become an even bigger part of the InnoSource world. We want you to succeed, and our outsourcing offerings allow us to be right with you every step of the way, helping you meet your professional goals.

Our approach is unique, designed to help employees and companies succeed together. We are there at each step of the hiring process, from our initial company research that allows us to understand a company’s goals and culture, to the tailored searches we conduct for each position we fill. We are there to support employees and job candidates, from the first recruiter call to the early days, weeks and months a new hire is on the job.

We not only manage customer service teams, we bring the InnoSource energy and passion to our partner companies — and to the people we hire. We not only handle the day-to-day operations and success of a team, but we also manage things like benefits, payroll and other HR functions. This approach has helped to make our customer service center outsourcing offerings among the best in the industry.

We provide on- and off-site outsourcing services for companies across a variety of industries, including sales, healthcare, finance, accounting, warehousing, manufacturing and more. Are you looking to hire? We can do the same for your company. Looking for a job? Know that when you join the InnoSource team, we are here to help you succeed — as recruiters, as interviewers and, through our outsourcing work, as managers.


Our Hiring Process

Our goal is always success — for our client companies and for the employees we hire. It’s why we have spent decades developing our unique recruit-to-order process for each open job. We start with a needs assessment — our term for the initial research we conduct with each partner company to understand their goals, culture and open positions.

We search far and wide for the right candidate for each job we fill, going beyond the internet to job fairs, colleges, targeted advertisements and word-of-mouth referrals from our vast InnoSource alumni network. We conduct initial screenings to identify candidates with the right mix of experience and education for each open role, then meet with prospective hires for in-depth interviews that assess skills, working style and personality — all designed to ensure each hire fits seamlessly into our partner companies’ work environments.

By the time we bring prospective candidates to companies for final interviews, we are confident in their abilities and working styles. And while we continue our support of both companies and employees through all new employees’ first days, weeks and months on a job, our outsourcing work is even more hands-on. InnoSource’s outsourcing teams provide day-to-day management of customer service and contact center operations, handling employee development, metrics, goal-setting and many HR functions, including benefits administration and payroll. We are there, on the ground — either in person or remote — to ensure a team’s success.

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