Our Hiring Process

Customized searches, screenings and interviews to help candidates find the right positions — and companies find the right people — every time.

We Do Things Differently

Some staffing agencies return to the same pool of applicants again, and again, and again. Not us. We recruit-to-order for every job we fill, ensuring that the right people end up in the right positions, so that companies and their employees can succeed, together.


“Our experience with InnoSource was positive, and the relationship has been expanded to include much of our regular, mainstay customer service activity.” – Vice President, Fortune 100 Company

A lot goes into finding the perfect candidates for your company. Contact center and customer service recruitment is our specialty. Our team is skilled when it comes to assessing your needs and making a long-term match.


Our experienced recruiters, account managers, and directors meet with the appropriate operating managers and human resource professionals to review specific needs. We tour the workplace and go through a detailed list of questions to identify the type of associate who thrives in the position. We also meet with current associates asking them questions and listening to the phone calls they receive to give us comprehensive insight into a typical working day.

We understand:

  • The culture and work environment at your company.
  • The work history requirements of a successful associate.
  • The characteristics of a successful associate.
  • The associate’s career opportunities at your company.


InnoSource develops custom interview guides to screen candidates on the characteristics required for success at your company. We don’t use standard questionnaires – a candidate is evaluated for the exact position he or she would fill.


In addition to the behavioral interviews, we also perform InnoMarking, a series of assessments given to clients’ top-performing associates to identify personality characteristics and abilities that succeed in the environment. This strategy separates our recruitment efforts from the competition’s.


InnoSource has access to specific, customizable assessment tools that simulate contact center environments and can also test for basic skills, such as math or typing.


Account managers make regularly scheduled visits to the client site to help track associate’s performance and provide necessary feedback to coach and advise until the associate is hired by the client.

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