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InnoSource, Inc. will from time to time and at its sole discretion offer special pricing and promotional incentives for training and consulting services. All such offers are subject to local, state and federal laws and are void where prohibited by law. Offers may not be combined (one offer per customer/student). All offers may be changed or canceled without notice. Training offers and promotions are only valid if requested by the student in advance of registering for a class. All training promotions and offers are automatically voided if the qualifying class is canceled or the student fails to attend or reschedules. All offers and promotions are for a limited period of time. Violation of any InnoSource, Inc. policy by a student or customer will automatically void all applicable offers. All exceptions to this or any policy must be made in writing and pre-approved by InnoSource, Inc. management.


We understand that schedules are difficult to maintain and want to help our students in every way possible. However, it is possible that we will cancel courses from time to time due to low enrollment, instructor availability problems or other issues that are beyond our control. Students who have scheduled for such courses that were canceled by InnoSource, Inc. may reschedule for subsequent sessions at no additional charge. If a student has pre-paid he or she will have the option to reschedule or have their tuition refunded without penalty or delay. SEAT CONFIRMATION OCCURS UPON RECEIPT OF FULL PAYMENT ONLY.


InnoSource, Inc. will confirm all cancellations or rescheduling requests by e-mail or phone.  If the customer/student does not receive a confirmation of cancellation or rescheduling within three (3) business days of the request, they should call 614-775-1400 to confirm the change. The following table details the penalty fees for late cancellation or rescheduling. THESE POLICIES APPLY TO BOTH PUBLIC AND PRIVATE/ONSITE CLASSES.

Date of cancellation or rescheduling request. Penalty Fees:

​11 or more business days before the first day of class: No Charge

  • 4 to 10 business days before the first day of class: 50% of the total class fee
  • 3 or fewer business days before the first day of class: 100% of the total class fee
  • SEAT CONFIRMATION OCCURS UPON RECEIPT OF FULL PAYMENT ONLY. NO REFUNDS or considerations outside of what is stated here will be honored under any circumstances.


InnoSource, Inc. will, at its sole discretion, accept and consider actions that address student satisfaction complaints only when such complaints are submitted in writing within five (5) business days of the completion of the class. Such actions will be determined solely by InnoSource, Inc. and may not be negotiated. Complaints submitted after the five day period may not be reviewed or considered. All complaints must be submitted in writing by the student who attended the class and must be clearly written in an appropriate, professional manner otherwise the complaint may be discarded with no response.


Student No-shows for any course will result in a full loss of the full amount of the course. All students are required to pay their tuition in full prior to the time of the class. Students who have not pre-paid will not be admitted to class unless special circumstances have been accepted by InnoSource, Inc. management in advance. These policies are subject to change. Such changes will only be considered valid if they are provided in writing prior to the registration of the class. If there are any questions about cancellations, fees, rescheduling or any other issues surrounding course content or registration please do not hesitate to contact us.


InnoSource, Inc. will not be responsible for reimbursing hotel or travel costs under any circumstances. Students and visitors are responsible for all personal and professional items. InnoSource, Inc. will not provide reimbursement or compensation for any lost items. We do NOT recommend leaving valuables in your car while at InnoSource, Inc.. All tuition is due prior to the first day of class. SEAT CONFIRMATION OCCURS UPON RECEIPT OF FULL PAYMENT ONLY. Students who have not paid in advance will be prohibited from attending.

DISCLAIMER: In no event will InnoSource, Inc.’s liability to Customer or Student exceed the paid purchase price of the Services and InnoSource, Inc. makes no written or other warranty whatsoever.  INNOSOURCE, INC. MAKES NO WARRANTY, IMPLIED OR EXPRESS, INCLUDING MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  INNOSOURCE, INC. IS NOT LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL OR OTHER DAMAGES OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER, WHETHER ANY CLAIM FOR RECOVERY IS BASED UPON THEORIES OF CONTRACT, NEGLIGENCE OR TORT (INCLUDING STRICT LIABILITY) AND CUSTOMER HEREBY WAIVES, FOR ITSELF AND ITS SUCCESSORS AND ASSIGNS, (1) ANY CLAIM FOR ANY PUNITIVE, INCIDENTAL AND CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES AND (2) ANY AND ALL CLAIMS OF NEGLIGENCE OR STRICT LIABILITY OR BOTH AGAINST INNOSOURCE,INC.  Customer (i) recognizes that the provisions of this paragraph are a material factor in the InnoSource Inc.’s sale of the Services at the price specified, and (ii) agrees that any accommodation to Customer by InnoSource, Inc., whether for sales policy reasons or otherwise, shall not be taken to establish any liability of InnoSource, Inc. or any contract term inconsistent herewith.


InnoSource, Inc. provides training on relatively advanced computer software and related topics. While many courses are listed as “Level 1” or “Introductory” there is a certain amount of core competency required and expected. Such core competencies include strong skills with microcomputers and related operating system software as well as experience with general office software packages. Such skills should include, but not be limited to, the following:

​Course Content and Prerequisites: IMPORTANT: All students should carefully review the course outlines and prerequisites for any course being considered. This should be done prior to registration. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure he or she understands what the course covers and that it matches student needs and level. If necessary InnoSource, Inc. is happy to schedule a call with an instructor to address course content questions.

  • Working knowledge of a recent release of Microsoft Windows (in some cases a working knowledge of Windows Server may also be necessary).
  • Strong skills with computer keyboards and mice. Novice mouse users should brush up before considering any course from InnoSource, Inc. Many of the activities require strong mouse pointer skills.
  • General Business Administration skills and background. Many of the examples used throughout our training are based on common business concepts like the relationships between customers and orders. A reasonable amount of education and/or experience in business is vital to getting the most out of our training.

Students are required to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner at all times. Cell phones and pagers must be deactivated while class is in session. If a student is expecting an important phone call he or she may ask the administrator to take the call and let the student know when it comes in. Use of classroom or training center equipment and services may not include accessing questionable web sites or other external resources that promote hate content, pornography or similar material. Students are not to access the web or email during class. Students must understand and accept that all use of the training facility equipment and Internet access is subject to review by the company management. Failure to comply with these and other stated training center policies may result in immediate and permanent dismissal from class with no refund or compensation of any kind.

​For more information on pre-requisites for specific courses please refer to the course description for each course or contact us.