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InnoSource has long-standing partnerships with some of the most recognized companies in the U.S. We have helped those companies staff their customer service teams for decades, and we can help you become a part of those teams.

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Whether you have worked in customer service before or are ready to start your new career, InnoSource has job openings for you. We hire for a wide variety of customer service roles, from call centers to online customer service response teams, both remote and in-person positions. We offer the flexibility and benefits that candidates are looking for, which is why we help so many candidates across the country build their careers in customer service.  

  • In-person customer service
  • Remote customer service
  • Hybrid customer service
  • IT help desk
  • Call and contact center jobs 

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Customized matches

InnoSource has a team of recruiters who are trained to match job seekers with companies and positions that fit them. That means you are more likely to love your work and your team — and to grow where you land.

Low turnover

Our associate turnover rate is just 16%, approximately half of the industry average. Extensive benefits, a supportive work environment and well-matched positions keep our employees for the long haul.

Long-term positions

InnoSource works with job candidates and their new companies to ensure a successful and long-lasting working relationship. Because we match each candidate with the ideal role, we set them up for success today and for years to come.


No! While some of our clients are seeking candidates with customer service experience, many are looking to fill entry-level jobs.

Our recruiters are trained to identify candidates that might be a good fit for specific positions at the companies partnering with us. Once they have identified a pool of candidates, they conduct phone interviews to ensure the position we find is right for you.

Yes, many of the customer service positions we are seeking to fill can be done remotely. We also are filling hybrid and in-person customer service roles.

Our customer service positions are generally paid hourly. Wages vary by company; your recruiter can share more information about the specific roles you are considering.

Our Candidates Say it Best

My recruiter was so sweet, supportive, and hardworking. She really was there for me every step of the way and always kept me informed.
–Customer Service Representative
I’ve worked for a lot of different staffing agencies, but this one is the best! The pay was extremely nice and I was directly hired in as the company said they would in a timely manner. I even have an offer for another position in that same company.
-Call Center Agent
Everyone I have spoken to at InnoSource has been very kind, helpful and thorough with their responses and communication. I have already referred two people to apply with InnoSource.
–Customer Service Agent
This was the first time I have ever used a service such as this. I had a great experience and would highly recommend. They work hard to help you find a career and not just a job.
–Customer Service Representative

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